Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lathe: Favorite Tool Bit

I love this tool bit set up:

It's two carbide tipped tool bits I bought from Amazon (only $3 each) and mounted back to back in a tool holder. This allows me to switch from turning to facing extremely quickly and easily. The turning bit will get a lot more use, so when it starts to dull I'll just switch the two.


  1. why not just resharpen the tool? Eventually it will be a necessity anyway. Else send me all your "dull" tools. Just a little touch up on a hand held oil stone works wonders. Usually don't even need to remove from the tool holder.

    I really enjoy your electronic information. As an old electrician and manual machine operator the electrical revamps fascinate me!

    1. The biggest reason I don't it because I've never had luck resharpening carbide tipped tools. It usually either takes me forever or I end up chipping the carbide. Considering how long they last me and how cheap they are, I just buy new ones.