Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lathe: Gibs

I finally took the time to modify my lathe's cross slide and compound gibs the same way I did my mills: http://benchtopmachineshop.blogspot.com/2013/06/mill-gibs.html

The big difference was the lathe's gibs use a 60 degree angle versus the mill's 55 degree angle.

In addition, I also added two extra set screws on both the compound and cross slide in order to give it some extra rigidity. In the picture of the cross slide's set screws you can see I used three different type. The two stock ones were used due to clearance issues, the hex head was used because it's always behind the DRO read head and the hex head allows for adjustment, and the two socket head cap screws were used due to ease of adjustment. It looks a little sloppy, but aids in usability.

After cutting the pockets I reassembled everything with a generous amount of Mobil Vactra way oil on the gibs and ways. While I expected an improvement in the feel, I didn't expect the huge improvement I actually got. Even though they're snug and there isn't any play, both compound and cross slide move very smoothly and easily now. The difference is amazing.

The menagerie of set screws.

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