Sunday, April 2, 2017

Lathe: Chip Tray

I hate the chip guard on my lathe. It's not shallow enough, and the chuck can easily grab the chips and throw them around. I've ended up with chips in my hair too many times because of it. So I removed it. The motor cover has vent holes on its end, so I formed a piece of aluminum to cover it and deflect chips.

Aluminum chip deflector riveted in place.
While I was at it I also removed the chip tray. It serves absolutely no propose and just made things harder to clean up. It was fairly easy to remove the tray and reinstall the legs themselves.

Both chip guard and chip tray removed.

It hasn't been any harder to clean up, and it definitely makes it easier to work with and to clean up afterward. The only downside is I'm still looking for a good place to put the DRO control box.

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