Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Lathe: Way Wiper

Since I installed a way cover on the left side of my carriage, it's done a great job keeping the ways clean, especially since most of the swarf falls to the left between the chuck and carriage. I wanted to protect the right side of the carriage as well, but there is a lot more stuff in the way and not nearly as much swarf falls there, so it was never a big priority. However, when I found the Phenom Engineering way wiper it seemed like a cheap and easy solution.

The wiper holders are 3D printed with pressed in magnets to attach it to the carriage. I ended up gluing the magnets to keep them in place.

The wipers tend to ride up on the side of the carriage which affects their effectiveness, so some more modifications are still planned. They're not a perfect product, but have given me something I can easily modify for my use.

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