Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lathe: Carriage DRO

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I was finally able to install the DRO on my lathe's carriage. I used a 12" iGaging digital scale with a remote display, the same type I used on my mill.

When I do threading on the lathe I'll just back out my bit and run the lathe in reverse to rest the carriage, so I have no need for a threading dial and had removed it a while ago. That left a great threaded hole to mount the DRO bracket to. I suppose if you still have the threading deal there you could always just sandwich the bracket between the apron and dial. The bracket was easily made from 1/8" 1" aluminum angle. It's a bit overkill and I'll probably trim it down a little more later, but it's not really in the way as is.

The design I ended up with places the DRO below the lead screw, so it's fairly well protected from swarf. The mounting for it is quite stiff, so I only have the scale attached at one end. That was particularly helpful since I didn't want to try drilling into the lathe' body at the head since it houses the motor right there.

I still haven't found a good place to mount the remote display though, and I may end up doing an Arduino DRO display like I did for the mill.

Both the carriage and cross slide DROs are visible.

Carriage travel at the extreme right of the bed is limited slightly.

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